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The ADR2Alan addressable system is fully certified by certification body authorized, (EVPU, LPCB & Global Limited + VdS) pursuant to the standards EN 54-2, EN 54-4, EN 54-5, EN 54-7, EN 54-25.

The production is carried out by applying a quality control system, which includes a series of rules regarding the construction of all components of the control panel and of all the devices.

The heart of our system is the addressable control panel ADR2A.
It is an analogue-addressable control panel programmable for fire detection, equipped with two loops, each capable of managing, using a fully digital protocol, 240 "intelligent" points totally interchangeable on the loop.
The "field" is made of optical, thermal and multi-criteria detectors, input-output modules, addressable sounders with or without flashing, push buttons, wireless interface, etc..
All analog-addressable series devices are designed to communicate by fully digital protocol and are equipped with isolator against short circuits on the loop, in the standard version.
The digital protocol allows an exchange of information at high frequency between the control panel and the device ensuring a rapid response and secure.
The ADR2A control panel is fully programmable through a dedicated software package which allows the entire system configuration from a PC under Windows, and provides remote diagnostics via web connection between unattended local PC and remote PC.
It has a series of diagnostic tools dedicated to installers, to be used during the commissioning of the plant. In addition Test Loop software is available for field analysis.

Local area network (LAN) Architettura

It is available an additional network card that allows the ADR2Alan control panel to communicate with other control panels and / or repeater panels auxiliary RP2A.
The card uses a proprietary protocol and allows you to exchange messages and view information about alarms and faults on the entire system. The physical media is given by two serial RS485 ports: one is used to connect the control panels to the network, the other to connect a number of repeaters to the control panel itself.
The maximum number of control panels connected in the network is 15.
The maximum number of remote panels connected to each control panel is 7.


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The card is handled with a custom master-slave protocol, where a control panel is the master and all the other slaves. The control panel can be configured to work in a network with several options, by setting , it will deal as its own (display, buzzer, sounders, records) the events of that type generated by any other control panel in the network.


ADR2Alan addressable control panel can manage an extinguishing system connecting it to the SM-CS control panel, which includes two units (SM4C1Si and SM4C2Si).
The module SM4C1Si provides 1 extinction channel, while SM4C2Si includes 2 extinguishing channels. In this configuration the addressable control panel ADR2Alan must be programmed to manage the activation of extinction, by means of the extinction system SM4C1Si (or SM4C4Si), in response to the signals provided from its field addressable.
Our modular system SM-CS is undergoing certification under the EN 54-2, EN 54-4 and EN 12094-1.

It will soon be available for purchase.

The system SM-CS includes two units (SM4C1Si and SM4C2Si) to connect the addressable control panel ADR2Alan to an extinguishing system.

In this configuration the addressable control panel ADR2Alan operates as a control panel of detection and must be programmed to manage the activation of extinction, through the extinguishing system SM4C1Si (or SM4C4Si), in response to the signals provided from its own addressed field.

The module SM4C1Si provides for 1 extinction channel, while SM4C2Si consists of 2 channels of extinction.


It allows to expand easily to the analogue-addressable system, allowing the addition of fire detection devices on the basis of a bidirectional communication protocol for monitoring and control of wireless detectors, modules and components.

Messages are sent to the control unit via a translator module "wire to wireless" system which interfaces the analogue-addressable wired fire detection system to wireless. The radio communication complies with European standard EN 54-25 and the devices are certified by authorized third party.

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