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SM-CS is a conventional fire detection and extinguishing command modular system. It consists of a motherboard, complete with a custom power supply, and one or more expansion cards with each 4 areas for fire detection or extinguishing command channel for the activation of extinction.

The motherboard, the heart of the system, is managed by a microcontroller of the latest generation, which oversees, through a bidirectional communication protocol, also any expansion cards.
The interactions with the control panel occur through buttons and system programming In addition, the control panel is equipped with a USB port for connecting a PC: a dedicated software allows the complete configuration, speeding up and simplifying the commissioning of the system.

It has many LEDs and an audible device to see clearly the state of the system and a terminal allows connection of external devices.
The modularity of our system SM-CS allows to expand its configuration to obtain the control panel that best suits Your installation requirements.
It is also possible to add additional extinction boards to provide extinguishing channels to the system (this can be limited by the UNI EN 12094-1). These cards will work only if connected to the motherboard.
The expansion board provided with an extinguishing channel (E1S) is used to add a channel of extinction, when necessary for the installation.
The front panel contains the necessary information to display the status of the extinguishing channel.
Also the board E1S is managed from a last generation microprocessor, which communicates with the one installed on the motherboard, that processes the signal received by its own conventional areas such as those of any detection expansions, generating the activation command for extinguishing system.
This command can also be activated by a manual supervised input.
The card is equipped with a button to disable the output of extinction of the card itself and with a button to enable the extinction only through the manual input, with many LEDs to clearly display the status of the system and a terminal block allows the connection of the external devices.
The expansion E1S provides, over the exit for the extinguishing channel, of a series of outputs to signal the phase of activation and pre-activation, and to indicate release , fault and a 24 Vdc output, available for the user, for low loads.
It also features a range of supervised inputs for sensors (flow and pressure), for the management of emergencies (buttons, contacts ...) and for the management manual / automatic operation.
Any fault on supervised lines is communicated to the motherboard to be managed.

The system SM-CS includes two units (SM4C1Si and SM4C2Si) to connect the addressable control panel ADR2Alan to an extinguishing system.

In this configuration the addressable control panel ADR2Alan operates as a control panel of detection and must be programmed to manage the activation of extinction, through the extinguishing system SM4C1Si (or SM4C4Si), in response to the signals provided from its own addressed field.

The module SM4C1Si provides for 1 extinction channel, while SM4C2Si consists of 2 channels of extinction.

The table shows the possible combinations:

Control Panel CodeConfiguration
SM4C1S 4 conventional fire detection zones
1 extinguishing activation channel
SM8C1S 8 conventional fire detection zones
1 extinguishing activation channel
SM8C2S 8 conventional fire detection zones
2 extinguishing activation channel
SM12C1S 12 conventional fire detection zones
1 extinguishing activation channel
SM4C1Si 4 conventional fire detection zones
1 extinguishing activation channel
ADR2Alan addressable control panel connection
SM4C2Si 4 conventional fire detection zones
2 extinguishing activation channel
ADR2Alan addressable control panel connection


Our conventional detection and extinguishing command modular system is undergoing certification in accordance with the the EN 54-2, EN 54-4 and EN 12094-1 standards.
It will soon be available for purchase.


It allows to expand easily to the conventional / extinguishing command system, allowing the addition of fire detection devices on the basis of a bidirectional communication protocol for monitoring and control of wireless detectors, modules and components.

Messages are sent to the control unit via a translator module "wire to wireless" system which interfaces the conventional wired fire detection system to wireless.
The radio communication complies with European standard EN54-25 and the devices are certified by authorized third party.

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